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Ep#58 How To Be Happy with ADHD | Jo Richards | Empowering Family Health

June 14, 2022 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#58 How To Be Happy with ADHD | Jo Richards | Empowering Family Health
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Show Notes

Ep#58 How To Be Happy with ADHD | Jo Richards | Empowering Family Health
Jo Richards shares her story about ADHD and why she is so passionate creating awareness to create your own profile around ADHD so that when you go to the doctor you go from confusion to clarity and confidence.

Jo says, “I have ADHD and I am dedicated to helping women live an ADHD life they love”.
The book that changed Jo’s life is "The Magic of Thinking Big". She suddenly realized other people thought on a grand scale like her. She didn't realise until nearly 30 years later that this is also a lot to do with her having ADHD.

Jo is an ADHD Happiness Life Coach and Mentor. Jo describes ADHD from the inside out, because her purpose is to raise awareness, So that people can expand their knowledge and easily recognise the signs, symptoms and causes of ADHD.

Sadly a staggering 9 out of 10 women are misdiagnosed with depression or anxiety and put on the wrong medication that does more harm than good. ADHD is one of the most misunderstood and undiagnosed brain disorders in the world and so many people are needlessly suffering because of a lack of knowledge. Now is the time to be ADHD aware so that any further needless suffering can be stopped.

We discuss:
• The 7 types of ADHD
• How ADHD affects sleep
• Repetitive Automatic Negative Thoughts - RANTs
• Build your own profile and your children’s. Mothers are reporters to every other agency for our children.
• Sleep and ADHD
• ADHD puts a bridge between the front and back of the brain.
• Setting yourself up for the day with the golden hour
• Reframing the situation
• Mindset and being kind to yourself


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