Empowering Family Health

Ep#68 Shining A Light For Children | Colm O Brien | CARI

December 18, 2022 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#68 Shining A Light For Children | Colm O Brien | CARI
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Show Notes

Today, I am speaking with Colm O Brien, who works with the charity organisation, CARI (Children At Risk in Ireland). Colm is extremely passionate about the work he does with CARI who help support children who have experience child sexual abuse and their families.

The purpose of this conversation is to help raise awareness of the organisation and the much needed funds to help see more children and families at their Dublin and Limerick based offices.

At the start of the pandemic, there were almost 100 children on the waiting list for CARI’s services.

“We are the best in the world at what we do, it’s just shocking that we have to do it at all”, says Colm O Brien, General Manager of CARI (Children At Risk in Ireland).
It costs about 10k to see and facilitate 1 family for 12 months.

CARI’s waiting list is at a record high of 250 children (Oct 2022) and their families. That means, it will take 5 years to clear this list. 

Colm says, “A therapy room sitting idle is a family sitting at home in pain and anguish.”

To hear my own story and why I became an ambassador for CARI, you can listen to the podcast episode on CARI’s Hope Tree podcast here: https://www.cari.ie/the-hope-tree-podcast/

The Hope Tree Podcast is designed to help BREAK THE SILENCE.


If you would like to donate, go to: https://www.cari.ie/donate/

To request a callback from a trained Care Line Advisor: https://www.cari.ie/helpline/request-a-callback/

CARI Careline: 0818924567

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