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Ep#73 How To Have A Healthy Wealthy Life | Karl Davidson | Empowering Family Health

January 18, 2023 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#73 How To Have A Healthy Wealthy Life | Karl Davidson | Empowering Family Health
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Show Notes

Ep#73  How To Have A Healthy Wealthy Life | Karl Davidson.
Today on the show we will be taking about financial anxiety and sleep, detaching emotions from money, how you can make money while you sleep, how to be abundant and successful, and How To Have A Healthy Wealthy Life.

Karl Davidson is a Money Mindset Coach, NLP Practictioner & Philantropist. He has 11 years experience as a professional semiconductor engineer working in places such as the USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, China and Taiwan. Karl helps his clients get more financially educated through his many courses. He is also a precious metals investor investing in gold and silver since 2018 and an international property investor. Karl runs a Facebook group called Cashflow Club Ireland with over 3K members and an Instagram page with 6K followers and is soon to be an author. Karl is a loving husband to his wife Bronagh and a doting father to his new born daughter Brónadh.

00:00 Welcome
7:20 Rich Dad Poor Dad changed my life
9:50 Using your job as an investing strategy
10:45 Using discipline
11:20 Losing money is part of learning-emotional attachment
11:55 The difference between currency and money
13:30 The fear of money
20:00 Making money while you sleep
22:45 Having a budget
25:30 Earned income – portfolio – passive
27:35 Being in alignment with yourself
30:40 Cashflow quadrant

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