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Ep#74 Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Improving Circulation | Keith Robinson

January 18, 2023 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#74 Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Improving Circulation | Keith Robinson
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Ep#74 Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Improving Circulation | Keith Robinson
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to living a long, healthy life, but one important step you can take to improve your cardiovascular health is to prevent cardiovascular disease. In this video, Keith Robinson discusses the various ways you can prevent cardiovascular disease and improve your circulation. Keith gives a comprehensive overview of the topic, covering everything from diet to exercise to lifestyle choices.

Keith has been self-employment since the age of 19 and been involved in wholesale distribution and financial services for 10 years. When he learned that it was possible to reverse cardiovascular disease 14 years ago, he began this journey of education and discovery together with the science. He discovered Nitric Oxide and it’s incredible health benefits to the cardiovascular system and so much more. Today he educates and supports as many people as possible to take control of their own health and wellness by enabling a functioning cardiovascular system, immune function, ph balance and correcting the gut microbiome.
Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIeV4Qqinak

Some key takeaways:
Citrulline turns into more arginine
University Hospital, Hamburg-25 year study – to stop cardiovascular disease, Arginine levels must be over ADMA levels by 160:1 then you eliminate the ADMA

The average person is making 1 to 3 seconds. By taking this high quality arginine complexor now you can increase your NC production for up to 36 hours instead of 1 to 3 seconds. 

Disclaimer: This podcast does not provide medical advice. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, and other material are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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Physicians desk reference: ProArgi-9+

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Keith: Hereditary issues are really only a hereditary issue if you have the same diet, if you have the same lifestyle, if you're under the same stress. And if you and actually, you got microbiome, which is a controlling effect on every system in your body, only ten per percent of your gut microbiome has your DNA. So really, there's a ten percent influence, but you're in control of the ninety.

Intro: Just a little taster of what is coming up on the show. But first, please do like this video and subscribe to the channel. And also tell your friends and family about this podcast. Please let us know in the comments if you would like to hear any particular a topic in relation to sleep or health, then I will create a show especially for you just for asking the question. So let's get on with this show.

Johann (Host): you're very welcome back to another empowering family health webcast. I am always excited to have a new guest on every week. And this week, I have an incredible man who has so much information, who is so awake and he's here to empower you today. His name is Keith Robinson, Keith, come on in and say hello to everybody.

Keith: Good morning, and hello to everybody. Love it to be here.

Johann (Host): Great. You're very welcome to the show, Keith. Keith, I'm really excited to have you here because you have a lot of information on how to keep people healthy and well, mentally, physically and fit and really important that they can do this themselves. And I think it's all about educating and being responsible because we're all individuals and we all have different needs our own individual bodies, but also, you know, when we talk about health, we're talking about all different pidders of health, you know, the foods that we eat, air, water, sleep, everything. And you specialize in in in all these areas really to keep people aging gracefully, aging young, And and you also have a few products as well, which you'll talk about at the end. 
We'll start us off, Keith. Tell us a little bit about your own journey and why you are so passionate about this area.

Keith: Well, I used to have an interest in in health and wellness area because I was in financial services. I've been self employed since the age of nineteen. But I was involved in some financial services for about ten years. And during that period of time, I was setting up policies for people life cover, critical illness, and so on. But when you're filling up paperwork with somebody and there's a family history issue on both sides of the family, there's generally a loading on that policy. 
So both my parents actually died of cancer before the age of sixty. Which means that technically on paper, I should be high risk. And that's when I started to think, hold on. 
Now I'd I'd prefer if I wasn't high risk, then I should I should be able to be in control of myself. And then luckily enough, I came across somebody who said to me one day. He said, do you know that it's going to be possible to reverse heart disease shortly? And I said, that's interesting. I I would like to look into that. 
Now when somebody says that too, you have two choices. You can you can start to think on the one hand. Who do you think if that was true? Somebody would have told me before now or the doctor would have told me or blah blah blah. On the other side of your brain is saying, it'd be an absolute idiot if you didn't look into this and analyze it for yourself. 
Yeah. So

Johann (Host): And heart disease is the number one killer in the world's case.

Keith: Yeah. And because I was saying, I was in my mind, cancer was something I should be afraid of, but cardiovascular disease kills far more people. And so I said, no harm to look into that. So what I did was I had my cardiovascular system analyzed. Now I was forty six then. 
My vascular system was showing up to be a forty year old. I started to follow a protocol and I had my vascular system analyzed again, and my vascular edge had dropped down to twenty two.

Johann (Host): Wow.

Keith: So I started I started I showed up as a forty year old, even though he was forty six. Ninety days later, I was showing up as a twenty two year old. Couple of months after that, I had it checked again and was showing up as a teenager. So that was enough proof for me that I was on the correct track. And then I started to learn more because obviously when you start in down a certain rabbit hole, you're going to go down all all the different borrows that are there.

Johann (Host): What else can I find?

Keith: So I started to realize that yeah. Well, hereditary issues are really only a hereditary issue if you have the same diet, if you have the same lifestyle, if you're under the same stress. And if you and actually, your gut microbiome, which has a controlling effect on every system in your body, only ten percent of your gut microbiome has your DNA.

Johann (Host): Yep.

Keith: So really, there's a ten percent influence, but you're in control of the ninety.

Johann (Host): That's massive. That's So

Keith: that was the journey.

Johann (Host): A lot of people do the jeans. The jeans, like what you said, the hereditary is, you know, if my father was sick, then I'm going to be sick. But you're right. It's it's all about the environment and our lives child, which turns the brains on and off as he's saying the microbiome is huge huge part of that. I'm

Speaker 2: a I think

Johann (Host): we're gonna get into that as well because, you know, how we're eating, how we're sleep and, hey, the war we're drinking all, impacts as part of our environment. And we want to have a good health environment that will turn on and off these genes, you know, the healthy genes So tell us about for the nitric oxide. So what what is the nitric oxide to see in your in your sinder behind yourself? So, obviously, this is part of of your cardiovascular. Yeah.

Keith: That that was one of the major learning areas because I began to research nitric oxide because it's obviously part of the process of of repairing your cardiovascular system. And I had no idea that it was such an an integral part of your cardiovascular system. So nitric oxide is something that we manufacture within us from the foods that we eat. So if we're eating foods like meat and shellfish and nuts and chicken and so on. We that contains an amino acid cut urgently. 
Arge nine goes into our bloodstream, it attaches to the lining of our veins in our Trezcalian and the Tellian. And once the Arge nine parks on the endothelian, weighed manufacture nitric oxide. And in the nineteen ninety eight Nobel Prize for Medicine that proved that nitric oxide was a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. But when we when we eat foods that contain an argenine, and the process the natural process happens of manufacturing nitric oxide. At the best of times, we only make nitric oxide for between one and three seconds. 

Johann (Host): And

Keith: that is supposed to be what's going to keep our cardiovascular systems clean, elastic, and free float. Now, one person in two has natural blockers to nitric oxide. One of those would be called ADMA isometric dermatology. Now what happens is when we have a high level of ADMA and I believe that is the hereditary part of cardiovascular disease. So if your parents had a high level of ADMA, you can actually have a high level of ADMA. 
What ADMA does is it parks on your endothelium and takes up the parking spaces. Alright. Arginine comes in and is looking for a parking space, and there's very little spaces left. So that you that's how you're making less than the one to three seconds of, like, three seconds. And when you're not making enough data to go outside, what happens is your you get plaque formation on the actuals. 
When you get plaque formation, you are then clogging up the arterial system because your your endothelium should be like like Teflon. Nothing should stick to it. When you start making enough nitric oxide, it becomes like velcro and then you have stuff sticking to it. And then you have track buildup, buildup, buildup, and next thing is, when there's track buildup, there's a risk of the plaque rupturing. If plaque ruptures, you then can have a platform If that plot travels and sticks in the brain, that's called a stroke. 
If it travels and sticks in the heart, that's called a heart attack. But how can you have a heart attack or stroke? If you have a clean arterial system.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. So how how how do we stop this? 
The natural, the EDMA? How did so obviously, some people have a natural blocker. How how what did I do?

Keith: But I use a a an extremely high quality raw foods supplement called Pro Arginine Plus. It's actually in the physician's desk reference in the USA has been the highest quality Arginine complex for available in the world. Mhmm. When we take porridge and then clause as a food into a Alright,

Johann (Host): Keith. That's the one that you took that brought you back down to the biological age of a teenager. Right? Okay. Got us.

Keith: Well, that is part of a three part program we call the VITAL three. So we don't only address the cardiovascular system, but also the immune system and the PH balance of the body. So as I said, people who think, oh, I need to click my cardiovascular system. And I'd say, yes, the the the Arginine food to make nitric oxide corrects the cardiovascular system, but what nutrition are you carrying in the blood? So there's no money circulating big macs. 
We need to circulate very, very high quality food and nutrition so as the body can then repair itself. Because

Johann (Host): all the systems work together and the immune system, as you say, yeah, and then the the pH of the blood. And yeah. And I'll

Keith: Exactly better. So so the the the the car the the Arginine part is is the corrects the cardiovascular part. What was your what was your question on that again?

Johann (Host): So the AGMA, so what

Keith: You're supported. So when you take when you take for Arginine plus, you are going to obviously increase the amount of Arginine going into the system. You're increasing the amount of citraline because that's part of the makeup offered because Arginine turns into the Arginine turns into more Arginine and that's that's making you more nitric oxide. Well, through a study in the University Hospital in Hamburg, they concluded after a twenty five year study to stop cardiovascular disease. You need to get your arginine levels over your RDMA levels by one hundred and sixty to one. 
And when you do that, you eliminate the RDMA.

Johann (Host): Where where where? So you need to have enough levels to that r r domain. One or the integration one r to nine router

Keith: -- Yeah.

Johann (Host): -- to get rid of that ADMA, which is blocket, which is the natural black -- Yes. -- for the n c, the n c, the n c. Wow. Okay. Very interesting.

Keith: We now know dash when when the average person is making one to three seconds of nitric oxide, and some people are making less. By taking this high high quality arginine complex, so we can increase our nitric oxide production for up to and beyond thirty six hours. Instead of just one to three seconds. Now you have your body actually repairing its own cardiovascular system. Melting plaque -- Mhmm. 
-- or to every part of the every organ, every extremity, your brain. So Brent functional from time to notice somebody starts to take the V3. And within a couple of days, they're said, a bit of a headache. It's an opening of blood flow getting back up to the brain that previously was slowed down.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Yeah. And that doesn't ask for a too long. That's just an initial. That's just part of the

Keith: It's generally a day or two unless that blood flow to the brain was so diminished. It takes longer for that to correct itself.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's just a process. It doesn't last.

Keith: It's a process of the body getting back to our children.

Johann (Host): And, you know, the the the cardiovascular system is so important because, like, we have this this network of blood supply throughout the whole body. And what is the blood do? Karri's oxygen and all the nutrients that our body needs, every single sound of the body. So you're improving every part of the body of the brain and even the sleep is without having people to sleep out at nighttime is without reducing that anxiety, depression. Oh my god. 
This is massive folks. So you also spoke about the immune system, so tell us about the immune system and antioxidants.

Keith: Yeah. So an antioxidants are very, very important to help your immune system. And if we don't get a decent level of antioxidants. We don't have our immune system working the way should. If we don't get good nutrition, we don't have our immune system working the way it should. 
Yeah. So we we need a good balanced immune system. We don't want one too too weak where everything does pass in the road, you catch it. We don't want one that's too strong that turns around and attacks you.

Johann (Host): Yeah. So not awesome.

Keith: I I use I use an extremely high quality, again, raw, berry supplement. It's called mystify, and it's barriers like Assaibre, bilberry, blueberry, goldyberry, pomegranates, elderberry, cranberry, green tea, this is an antioxidant that if you take just thirty mils of it, To get the equivalent amount of antioxidants and raising raw berries and raw fruits, you'd have to eat three and a half kilos.

Johann (Host): Yeah. I believe that's

Keith: Seven thousand Norak is what you get in thirty minutes. Seven thousand Norak is what you would get in three and a half kilos. So that's the equivalent valuation. Now, why are antioxidants so important? Because if you look at your body as a photocopier, and we are regenerating ourselves all the time. 
Mhmm. What happens is if you ever used a photo copier where it was brand new and perfect Can you put in a clean sheet of paper and then press copy, it will come out clean. Did you ever use a folder copy that was badly maintained? Had tepid on the glass, dust on the mirror, and you'll see all these blemishes on the page when you Okay. So the the worst quality nutrition we have within our body, the worst conditioner and photo copies. 
Got that. Yeah. So when you have excellent nutrition going in and excellent antioxidants. What is what we're doing? We're cleaning the forward copy. 
And now we're regenerating our cells at a higher level. So in fact is the one we're using is actually proven to reduce free radical damage by forty three percent in three weeks at thirty milligrams twice a day. So what you're doing is you're cleaning the cardiac up here by that amount. You're also slowing down the aging process because high levels of free radicals speed up edging. When you really when you neutralized those three, right, because you were slowing down the edging process and you were regenerating your your body, at a at a healthier level.

Johann (Host): Yeah. So you're you're given the bodily ingredients that I need because the body's always human repair, and we just have to give it the ingredients to allow it to to do that. What you said about the berries as well, like, when we're eating, like, berries from the supermarket or whatever. They're sprayed with toxins, Even though nutrient density of foods, Dean's say, is is, like, way diminished. It's it's frightening, way to way diminished. 

Keith: have to be There's more. A plate of salad even fifty years ago. If you want to get the same amount of nutrition, you'd have to sit down and eat forty seven plates of salad. That's

Johann (Host): true. I've heard

Keith: of it. So we're at starting. We're going up a downpipe. From with regards to accessing food. And this is why I've been preaching for ages. 
We need to supplement to give our body the miss seeing pieces between what we are getting and what we need.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Yeah. And and yeah. And supplements, that doesn't mean that we just do supplements and that not eat. We do still need to eat our foods and all of that, but to supplement to to

Keith: supplement

Johann (Host): to support. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Talk to us about our blood and PHETA asset, alkaline, we've heard about that before. 
Tell us whether that's important.

Keith: Well, believe it or not. We should operate in a slightly alkaline state. So our, in fact, our body is going to keep our blood at a pH of seven point three six it. But nine people out of ten are acidic. What what's the problem when we are acidic? 
We invite acid based health challenges. There are things like chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux and cancer. All of those thrive in an acidic environment but cannot survive in an alkaline one. So when you come across people that have those conditions, They have been in an acidic state for so long. They've invited doors in and hub and themselves. 
Yeah. So but what corrects that? Greens, raw greens. So that's the third part of the v three that I use. Greens like Mulberry and Fausto barley grass pepperment oil, and every ten minutes of that is equivalent to eating a kilo of leafy green beige. 
So no matter what greens you have in your diet, in the daily advances, I would take a little shot twenty mils or so of raw grains after every meal because that's making sure I have contracted the acidic part of the food gone in. I'm helping digest the food I've just taken in, but I I'm also going to improve my blood quality. And there's a there's there's a connection that you're familiar with the connection between human hemoglobin and chlorophyll. No. Okay. 
So your human hemoglobin. And

Johann (Host): now it cleans the blood, the chlorophyll.

Keith: Chlor chlorophyll, if you look at the molecular makeup of chlorophyll, You can picture the molecule. You'll see the molecule written out, and then the central ion is magnesium. Yes. The the human hemoglobin is the exact same makeup molecularly except the central line. Iron. 
Yeah. When you push raw greens, when you put chlorophyll into your body, the body turns magnesium ion into an iron ion, So the higher quality raw grains you put into your system is the next best thing to upload transfers.

Johann (Host): Wow. Oh my god. That is huge. So

Keith: when you come across people who have blood issues, and we've seen pregnant moms have an iron deficiencies and have issues, when they go on the V3, their blood correct themselves. We've seen people who had other different blood orders and they go on the V3 and the blood rectifier.

Johann (Host): So you're saying this helps if someone say anemic for example, would that help us? Yes. Wow. Because I see all these iron supplements and sure have to find people get constipated when, you know, at the health shop or whatever. It's full of crap. 
Far as I'm concerned anyway, a lot of them. This is fantastic chlorophyll on, like, the magnesium ions, it turns into the iron ion in the in the hemoglobin. Hey, mortgages. No. Jesus. 
I get it. No. I get it. That's real. That's that's just incredible. 
Oh my god. And nine note ten. Yeah. And the acid environment, it it promotes cancer grow. And we know that cancer does not like oxygen rich blood. 
As well as a lot of other diseases as well. So – and we need oxygen as carried in the proper PH process seven point three six the blood to pH level, the blood so the oxygen can get around in that pH level of the blood as opposed to the acidic. There's so much here, Kate. There's so much here involved I also want to talk about so we we're talking a lot about toxins in in our environment, and there's one predominant one that keeps coming up is the graphene oxide. Can you talk because I think this is really, really super important and it's very, very it's very lethal one really. 
So can you talk to us a little bit about that where that show is in our environment?

Keith: Believe it or not, it's looking at this point like graphene oxide has been added into a lot of our food supplies. And I saw a video earlier day of a guy checking carbonated calagrino water, which would be recognized as a high value, high quality water. And with magnets and other mechanisms, he actually proved that there was graphene oxide unit because it all graphite oxide came to the site. Magnus Graphic, there's many I I think it's been added to many foods. I think it's also it's been spread on top of us from the sky. 
Along with other things, if you look up in the sky and you see an airplane passing over. And if you see that the trailer behind it should be a foot long. When you're looking up and down here, that's a proper condensation trend.

Johann (Host): If it's longer than us,

Keith: If it's shorter, if it's short, it's a condensation training.

Johann (Host): Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. If

Keith: you look up in the sky and you see there must have been an airplane passing over here earlier on this morning because they see the trailer all the way across the sky. And it's still there. That's not natural. That is something that was spread from that claim.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Okay. But

Keith: there's all sorts of toxins and graphene oxide, and other things being added to our air, our water, and our food. And the graphite, was put there so that we would have a collection of a building up within us. Why why would you want that? You wonder? Because we then that acts as an antenna, we become connected to the Internet. 
And I I was watching a video of a noise. That's

Johann (Host): bizarre. He he

Keith: had he downloaded an app on his phone for looking connecting for Bluetooth. And the Bluetooth will this particular app will tell you, you know, there's a Bluetooth connection five feet away in that direction. Ten feet away or thirty feet away in that direction until you could get a whole list of them. He went into a graveyard to see what was going on, what was going on in there. I was getting connections to Bluetooth. 
Speak to loud crowd.

Johann (Host): No way. Oh my god.

Keith: So people have been unwittingly turned into an antenna that was Bluetooth connectable to the Internet.

Johann (Host): Oh my god. Oh my god. How do how do we get rid of this however? Is there a way to get rid of this out of the body? Is it dense enough? 
The toxins that you're talking about earlier?

Keith: But I would imagine extremely high quality nutrition along with increased oxygen and blood supply, but there are other things that you can do as well. There's different paths you can take. There's a doctor called Carrie Mollie, look for her on on on on on doctor Prating and YouTube. Look for her. On bitches are on rumble. 
Dr. Carrie Maday, and she explains about bats that you can take really hard bats where you put in things like Borax, What's the there's a couple of other ingredients that you put into it, epsom sauce. I

Johann (Host): was gonna say, yeah, some yeah. Because the sales helps neutralize. Don't take

Keith: Borex. And there's a couple of other, I can't remember off the top of my head, but you get into a bath and hot as you can and it actually holds that still a little earlier body. So there are a couple of there are a couple of things that are, like, the things, like, Corsetan zinc and iron formectin. There's a whole lot of things that people can take that are really beneficial for helping the body to train and expand that stuff. But

Johann (Host): it was It's heavy metals as well. What is

Keith: Yes.

Johann (Host): Yeah. I I I've often told my clients now, you know, because so many of us are sitting at at the at the computer to Zoom calls like we are. But not all day long, I put it but during during the last couple of years, more and more people are using Zoom. And they were totally there wasn't, like, with the electricity often, you know.

Keith: And I wear that to stop the EMF.

Johann (Host): That's it. That's it. Yeah. Because we're we're also we got all the ions, all those the positive ions, and we're Boesen, and we even get electric shock coffee each other when we shake hands or whatever, you know. So I just tell people it's getting to buy our salt because it helps new size, but also grounding is very good walking and grass. 
The sixth is gonna be Yeah.

Keith: Because

Johann (Host): we've forgotten to it's just there's way too much electricity around an EMF And, Keith, I'm gonna we're gonna know time. Brian's gonna I'm gonna get you back on the show if you don't mind and talk we're gonna talk more in-depth about EMF because we're we're connected every day, even kids in schools, e m f, and kids are bringing phones into into schools with the model. And it's for me, it's like, I don't want to be scared about it. That's the last thing. I've been scared and I've been fearful of reduces our immune system. 
But I think we need to be aware, well, can you tell us I wanted to ask you something else about the EMF and the the blood and what that does in the in the blood because I I did a seven day series on the immune system, and the EMF was one of them. And I talked about how the blood can coagulate with with with all this EMF. It's not natural for our bodies to be so exposed to so much in such a a short period of time since the incident came along? There

Keith: there is a particular frequency that can be pulled out. Which will actually stop your body absorbing oxygen. And it's actually, believe it or not, it's within the range of what what five g was allowed to work with it. So in other words, it was an application to have five g and the range of frequencies that five g could work with it. Now five g as it's in itself, there's nothing wrong with fifth generation of of something. 
But the frequencies that has been licensed for it to work with it you one of those particular frequencies will actually stop your capability to absorb oxygen. In other words, you heat over a day. And do you

Johann (Host): Yeah.ological beans, aren't we? Yeah. Do

Keith: you remember those videos put out in the very early stages of COVID where he had people dropping toward the ground and they were supposed to be dropping off COVID. They were they were hit with those frequencies.

Johann (Host): My god. My god. My god. It's it's it's almost too hard to imagine that, but I can see how it's possible because our bodies are And that's good. We have our nervous system, our neurons firing all the time, and we're made of salts, which is the conductor of electricity. 
And we are affected with EMF. We always have been our bodies just have not been able to adapt with the the the the the expansiveness of of the Internet and e m f and all the different generations and the immense, I how many devices do we have in our household? I'm now with smart meters and and like a secumulation. And we're just swimming in EMF really, you know. And it's It's so bad for us. 
It's also on our kids.

Keith: Yeah. It it it I think it has been designed in such a way by the powers that b, to have everybody's health interrupted so that we are more controllable. And I think that was the plan to have the population that are there. The last thing anybody that wants trying to control people The last thing they want is those people being awake and aware of what's going on and coming together.

Johann (Host): Yeah.

Keith: So the more We --

Johann (Host): Right. --

Keith: we're aware and the more they come together, the less controllable everyone is.

Johann (Host): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think and and we can see we can see that even when we when we see bullies, you know, children growing up or whatever, you know, if you're afraid of somebody you can be easily controlled by them. 
And it just it just falls down under that, you know. So so being afraid, it can have so much impact on a human being on a person. So I think it's very important to be educated about -- Yeah. -- whomever has gone on, you know, and better health and have more power and to have more power. And then if we are standing in our power, that will that will reflect onto our families and the people around us and our community. 
And still want to know, God, she's she's fairly or he's fairly happy or whatever, you know, healthy. Yeah. I wonder what they're up to, you know, and they're they're it would go off, you know. And -- Yeah. -- we all want to be around people who are vibrating how you people who are in good form. 
We don't want to be around people or complain in all the time. Right? Because it just drains your energy. And and you see energy, we are in energetic beings are full of energy and this is why we're sensitive to different vibrations, you know. And it really makes so much sense, Keith. 
It really does all of this. I want to wrap it up. Is there anything else that we haven't spoken about to tell people where they can find you Keith on how they can work with you? Tell us

Keith: Yeah. I I I've changed my background there to just to put that up there. And So I I'm perfectly happy to do phone calls, Zoom calls, people to run to go through information. They often get contacted by people who who have an existing health challenge or somebody's given them my number or whatever are people who have or never want to have on or don't want to perform better if they're above the sports or whatever. Because it's and I I don't get wrapped up in in in labels. 
The innovations that will have been diagnosed with x y z. Mhmm. I believe that if you correct the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the PH balance of the body, the gut microbiome, the body has its own intelligence to execute whatever it is. And oftentimes, there's labels put on people because there's a whole lack of medications that that are that are allowed to be attached to that label.

Johann (Host): Yeah.

Keith: But I I put everything into the one it, which is an imbalance in the body. So we've watched people who are told, I think, we don't follow them, and we've watched them completely correct that problem themselves.

Johann (Host): Yeah. I've seen that.

Keith: It's it's you know, with some of the stuff we've watched, the medics would actually be scratching their heads and we didn't believe that was possible. And I remember I had been a a surgeon one who had a he this this this guy had had two heart attacks before the edge of forty. He was a type two of diabetic. He'd been on medication for seventeen years. Fuck his ass. 
He went through the information with him. Had a power client, which they go out to most people and and get into as much new degree as they want to. And him as a medical person, as I was going through it, you could see, he he was he was he was lapped that up and he he says to me, what side of medicine are you in? And I said, I'm betting to do a medicine. And he he he was he'd get very hard to comprehend that. 
He says your your your knowledge is remarkable. He says, How come you as an unmet medical person? He said, is educating me, a surgeon on my head? I said, well, that's easiest. It says, you're handcuffed at the pharmaceutical industry. 
Said, I'm not. He talked for a second and he smiled at me and says, I guess. Now I guess. He says, tell me what to do, and I I I sent I guided him on on what to do, how to do it, and everything. And within six weeks, that man was off every medication he'd been on for seventeen years.

Johann (Host): That's incredible.

Keith: Most around his legs are to the heel up within three days. Wow. He he he became a believer at that point.

Johann (Host): But it's true, like, you know, the medical people are there for prescribed drug. That's how drugstore trained in. It's prescribing the drugs, and it's for when you're sick. And there's the time and the place, maybe, and I have heard people have had successful operations that I've ever bought. What about what about aging young? 
And have a good quality of life. And as our friend, hands hands parry who, you know -- Yes. -- live what's it? Live long and die quick. You know, we we want to have a quick death. 
We don't want to have a ten year long painful death. We want to die quick when it's time. Yeah. And and have that graceful and have that young biological age like you have kids, you know, from from taking your products. And and this is what life is all about. 
And we can't do this. It's past And when we give our body the ingredients to some and the environment, and that includes, hang around with the right kind of people who don't complain all day long. Right? Because that has a biological effect, chemical effect on our body too. So having all that in place, but being aware and and educating ourselves and then putting into action This is this is powerful powerful stuff, Keith.

Keith: But this is this is what everybody should strive to do and and And it's not a good idea to limit yourself and have blinkers on to only listen to Watson mainstream media and what propaganda has been shoved down your neck from the people who you believe are put in place to govern and help but are actually controlled by somewhere else or something else for a different purpose. So once it always been looking at alternative media, I mean, media Media is a propaganda arm for somebody, but it's not for us. It's an attention. So we should always look at alternative things, broaden your horizons, analyze your own, use your own instincts. Does that seem right or does that seem wrong? 
Is that fee rate or is that fee wrong? And and and you will pretty soon when you start to wake up your sixth sense you know, pretty simply what's right or what's wrong.

Johann (Host): Yeah. And it comes back to that good sense, and it's really true we ought to have that good feel. And, you know, and we we just don't listen to it all the time. I think we need to tune into that a little bit more sit and silence. I say it's a good thing to do, you know. 
You never know what pop up. And your body is always trying to inform you, like, it's it's a messenger. You know, I I did program in years ago. Am I and and, like, we we run by a series programs. I always remember my teacher telling me your error messages or your friends don't tell me what's wrong. 
There's not wrong with an error message or it don't come to a feeling. But you gotta listen to it and act on it and to change it for the better. So keep listening. We're going to wrap it up. This has been an incredible conversation. 
We will have you back on okay, but have it back on again.

Keith: Oh, yeah.

Johann (Host): You'll talk about some more things because you're just an incredible, insightful, insightful, PDF of information. I have to say, and I think you're definitely worth listening to it and for people to connect and work with you as well, Keith. So have a wonderful day, Keith. And thanks for joining me today.

Keith: You're welcome, and you enjoy yours too.

Johann (Host): Thank you, Keith.

Keith: Bye.

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Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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