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Ep#48 Youthful Aging | Dr Hans Parge | Empowering Family Health

September 19, 2021 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#48 Youthful Aging | Dr Hans Parge | Empowering Family Health
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Show Notes

Dr Hans Parge, PhD is commitment to the Art and Science of Clean Living and Youthful Aging.

His background is biomedical research and pharmaceutical drug discovery. His basic training was as a structural biologist and X-ray crystallographer. He did his PhD in Trinity College Dublin and post doctorate work in Berlin at the Free University, the University of Edinburgh and The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) La Jolla. The focus of his research was the atomic structure determination of proteins, the molecules of life. In 1993 he left TSRI and joined a biotech start-up that was using the same technology to help the drug discovery process. From 1993 to 2009 his career was structure-based drug design. In 2009 Dr. Hans took early retirement and moved into the world of wellness, prevention and youthful aging, leaving the world of treatment and cures behind. His vision is to take the burden of the sick care industry and educate people on real healthcare and lifestyle management skills” 

“Eat right, keep fit, live long, die quick” – Liping Zhao

 “The trick is to die young as late in life as possible” – Ashley Montagu

 We sometimes compromise our health for our wealth. Anti-Aging is simply all about wellness and prevention. If you eat right and you keep fit and you sleep well, you will likely live long and die quick.

 We are all living in a more toxic world. It is truly amazing what the human body can do if we provide it with the right nutrition and building blocks. Are you really truly nourished or are you just stuffing your face?

 Beauty is an inside job. It is hard to look good when you are sick on the inside. 

The Integrated Health Biomarker of health is a scientifically proven device, that measures a plant bio marker in your skin.

 This allows you to create an awareness of your health, measure your nourishment and protection of your body. We are always fine until we are not.


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