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Ep#49 You Are How You Move | Annette Cashell | Empowering Family Health

October 16, 2021 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#49 You Are How You Move | Annette Cashell | Empowering Family Health
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Show Notes

Annette Cashell is a Movement Coach who helps people undo and prevent the damage done by excessive sitting. Ex-corporate, she avoided a neck fusion operation and now combines her expertise in Pilates and movement to help others thrive with corrective exercises and the lifestyle/environmental changes to support them. Annette has been spoken on radio, podcasts, corporate wellness webinars and conferences. She has also written articles for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global and featured in 'Grow Wild' and the Irish Examiner.

Annette suffered 2 years of chronic pain with 3 bulging discs and was told she needed a neck infusion. She was sleeping well, exercising and eating right and so couldn’t figure out why she was in so much pain. After much research she discovered she was an ‘active coach potatoe’.

Exercise is optional, movement is essential - Ben Medder

Key takeaways:
1996 us surgeon general: The risks of excessive sitting is linked to serious diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some cancers and even premature death. https://wonder.cdc.gov/wonder/prevguid/m0042984/m0042984.asp

We are more productive and focused when we take regular breaks.

Modern life is so convenient so we much be more conscious to move more ie use the stairs instead of an elevator or park further away from the shops.

With the rise of obesity and increases illnesses in children, Annette has brought movement month program for primary schools, to help improve their health. She also has a program for families called mini movement month which helps bring more movement into the home.


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