Empowering Family Health

Ep#27 Pt 1 Empowering Parents: How to Love yourself and your Children with Antje Swart

November 28, 2020 Johann Callaghan
Empowering Family Health
Ep#27 Pt 1 Empowering Parents: How to Love yourself and your Children with Antje Swart
Show Notes

Antje is a hypnotherapist and nutritional advisor and owner of Holistic Hypnosis. Antje’s mission is to empower people on all levels to be well and prosperous and feel fulfilled in life and live a healthy and happy life. Antje has 15 years of experience in various healing modalities.

In this Part 1 or 2 episodes, we will be talking about:

  • How we learn as a child, using on 10% of our brain and living by our habitual patterns
  • Changing how we listen to our children
  • Our biggest challenge as parents; electronics and digital dementia

01:55 We only use 10% of our brain
02:35 Putting things together, not by chance but by understanding
04:20 When you where born, you believed you were perfect, good enough, deserving
07:40 Too much conscious thinking uses a lot of energy and can be overwhelming
08:30 We are tribe animals. We need human connection and to fit in.
09:20 Humans need certainty and variety. Divine discontent is – “You are born to be more”
17:40 We parent the way our parents parented us.
18:10 How to change communication with our children.
19:00 We need to have boundaries and guidelines for our children.
20:00 How to listen to your children.
20:50 The biggest challenge we have as parents with children is electronics.
22:50 Electronics take away human connection and they act as a babysitter.
23:10 Electronics cause hormonal changes; they are addictive and the brain is is over stimulated =Digital Dementia. 
25:00 Parents, put your phone down. Children don’t do what you say, they do what they see.
27:45 The heart energy is much strong electromagnetic energy than our brain. 
29:15 Boredom is a blessing


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